City Social Philly Happy Hour Philly Wednesdays

Best Practices

Post on your Social

People are looking for a reason to go out on Wednesdays, that's why City Social exists. But remember to stay front of mind in letting people know that you're participating in City Social.

We've found that posting on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is the most effective way to draw people into your restaurant with consistent weekly reminders.

Let People Know What the Specials Are

One of the things people love about City Social is that every restaurant is a different experience. Outside of Happy Hour Seltzer, the drinks on special vary at every restaurant.

The best way to both avoid confusion and promote City Social is to have a menu for City Social. Whether its a physical or digital menu, letting people know what the specials are up front leads to the best experience.

Use your Signage

Let people know you are participating in City Social. The signage provided lets people know that you are participating and that they can take advantage of the drinks specials on Wednesdays.

Plus when people go out they like to let others know. Having signage available for people to take pictures with is key to building that feeling that people are part of an event larger than themselves.

Interact with Those who Interact with You

One of the main perks of City Social is being able to reach Happy Hour Philly's 12k followers.  If you've just had a successful giveaway, IG reel or IG post, don't miss out on the opportunity to capture all those folks that interacted with your brand. Everyone likes to feel special and there is nothing that makes people feel more special than when a brand that they've interacted with actually responds to them publicly.

You will also inevitably have people tag you when they visit you. Give them a shoutout on your own social. This encourages City Social customers to promote for you.

Graphics for Your Use

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